Saturday, July 12, 2008

Who made her boss ?

I'm speaking with the Wifey after seeing a scene in on of those silly reality shows where the groomsmen in a wedding visit the tuxedo store. Wifey mentions that the prices for the tuxes have finally gotten close to what the bridesmaid pay to participate in the bridal party. ........

(Watch as I loose authority over my attire for an event that will happen 15 years or (hopefully) more in the future.)

Seko: "That's why I hope no one else asks me to be in their wedding. I'm not wearing another Tuxedo in a wedding !" (said jokingly as I have to wear a duck suit each weekend since I'm a professional wedding entertainer.
Wifey: "You men are getting a taste of what women go through price-wise."
Seko: "It doesn't matter, I'm not going to wear another tux to a wedding."
The little 6 year old girl: "You're wearing a tuxedo to my wedding !" (spoken firm and loudly !)
Seko: (Brief pause of disbelief)
Seko: "Well....." (Another brief pause of disbelief)
Seko: "That's not going to happen for years lady-girl."
The little 6 year old girl: "You're still going to wear a Tux for my wedding."

Three days later as I'm entertaining for Carla and Travis' 7/12/2008 wedding it hit's me during the Father / Daughter dance....... This little girl told me what I was going to wear in the future in no uncertain non-negotiable terms. Who made her boss ? ("She get it from her Mama....")

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